The root of this series lies in paintings with a thick skin and sharp cuts, as I made during 2009 till 2012. That skin proved a fine stamp for simple printing techniques. This way a painting turned into… Read More

Monochromes – acrylic sheets

Monochromes; acrylic sheets, no support: pure plastic. Fabricated in serial production following an established procedure. Yet: so many unpredictable details and surprising production traces; almost organic. The table, part of the installation 5 times ‘Each fifth Monochrome’, is… Read More

Brush strokes

A single brush stroke. The smallest possible ‘product’ – apart from the dot – of painting. Fascinating, both as an idea and in the magic of its origination. A single gesture of the hand with an often overwhelming… Read More

Sequence series

This series is the result of destruction. The thick layer of acrylic paint of the originating painting – in chemical terms just plastic – has been ripped from the canvas with quite some force. This process of destruction… Read More


The monochrome painting is a cornerstone of 20th century modern art. My fascination with it stems from its fundamental character: one colour on canvas; that’s all. It brought me large quantities of somewhat sloppy pieces of linen in… Read More

Painting is NoThing

Series of not more than scents of painting. Or maybe traces. Is this about painting? What truth can be found here? What am I looking for?


I take the utmost care to ensure that individual pieces of my work can be barely taken seriously. Mostly they owe their reason of existence to the context of a series or a spatial arrangement. Yet, it happens… Read More


A sheet of watercolor paper, painted with one very thin, nearly desintegrated acrylic color. It hangs from the wall with needles. A smaller sheet of carpet-mesh painted on both sides, hangs loosely over it. Edges, – likewise the… Read More


Rectangles on paper, arranged in a grid; painted (mostly) in a single watery colour. A simple starting point. A base for a rich painterly space.

Wet Planes Touch

Two planes. Divided according to the Golden Ratio. The small one is wet with clean water. The other one is painted with a watery colour. The process starts where the Wet Planes Touch.